You are now mere seconds away from making great slideshows or lists from any of your favorite posts found on social media or the web.

Download the Stackit Button
Building Stackerdecks is simple, but first you’re going to need to download our app or extension. We will now refer to it as the Stackit button.
If you’re on iOS or Android, just hit either of these links.
iOS app Safari Extension
If you’re on Safari or Chrome, just hit either of these links.
Chrome Extension Safari Extension
If you’re on any other browser, drag this bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar.
💥 Stackit Can't drag to browser’s toolbar?
Click on the bookmarklet image to copy link, open your bookmarks manager, edit an existing bookmark, change name to Stackit, and paste the copied link as the url.

Wordpress Plugin
Stackerdecks WP inserts any Stackerdecks slideshow or listicle in your WordPress post with a single click.
Wordpress Extension

Follow/Like Us
Also, if you’d be so kind as to Follow Us on Twitter and/or Like Us on Facebook, we’d REALLY appreciate that. (and, we will very likely follow you back)

Get Stacking
First, find a post you want to add to your Stackerdecks slideshow.
Start with Twitter.
Hit the Stackit button. A window will pop-up and display everything available to Stack. Simply select the media you want to add.
You will now be prompted to title and describe the card and then choose whether it goes in a new deck or one that already exists. If it’s a new one, you will also give it a title, a description, and a cover image.
Repeat this process anywhere across the entire Internet until you feel like you’re ready to share it with the world. There’s no limit to how many cards you can add to your slideshows.
This works on nearly every social media site. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest, just hit the button. YouTube or Vine? Hit the button. Soundcloud or Spotify? Hit the button.
It also works on nearly any webpage.
It also works here on
There are currently about 45,000 things being shared in Stackerdecks slideshows right now and every on of them is re-stackable.
Restack Button
Just look for this button in the upper left hand corner of any Stackerdecks card. Hit that button and just like before, you’ll be asked whether you want to add it to an existing slideshow or create a new one.

Sharing and Embedding Stackerdecks
Share Button
Stackerdecks can be shared to your social media pages simply by pressing this button. We built in support for Facebook and Twitter, Hootsuite and Buffer, a bunch of other social platforms, as well as email. If you want to share it anywhere else, simply copy and paste the URL to that site.
Share Button
If you want to publish Stackerdecks directly on your own website, just press this button and copy the embed code. This works on Tumblr, self-hosted Wordpress sites, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and most any other site where you have permission to post code in an article. is also a publishing platform with social features.
We’re now working on a more complete set of help documents, but briefly, each account comes with a home page where you can change your profile pic, add a cover image and share other Stackerdecks to this page or custom collections. Each of those collections can also have their own profile and cover images and also be shared with the world. You can “like” Stackerdecks. You can follow other contributors and subscribe to their collections. They can follow you and subscribe to your collections. There is a notification system built-in. You can comment on any Stackerdecks slideshow.
We’re constantly adding new features with a few HUGE ones coming soon. We will use notifications to let you know.

Stackerdecks is free for you, forever.
However, we are a business, need to make some money, and you will see display ads run next to your Stackerdecks. It helps us keep the lights on.

Need help? Have ideas to make this better?
We’re a small company. In fact, as you might have noted above, there are only seven of us. If you need help, email us at We will do our best to get back to you fast.
If you think you have something to add and want to come work with us, let us know that, too. You can email us at
Finally, if you’re an influencer, a brand, or a publisher with a big audience, we should talk directly. We have a way for you to get even richer with Stackerdecks. Email us at

We know this was a little long. Thank you. We love you for paying attention.
Happy Stacking.